Dérives, Event

Dérives: GATE

On Friday, I spent the evening at the opening reception of GATE.  I was very excited to meet artist, Anna Magnuson, to exchange my Eiffel Tower figurine for the reincarnated hand drawing.  Anna is sending me my hand drawing soon – I am anxiously waiting.  I was taken back by the exhibition – all of the artwork was interactive and user friendly.  When I arrived at 6 pm, there were several families with small children who were running around the exhibition interacting with the art.  It reminded me of when my mom used to take my sisters, brother and me exploring. It didn’t matter the mood she was in, or if was sunny, or if Santa Barbara was a 2 hour drive – she would make a day trip out of it for us.  It was a strange feeling, to be in the middle of an exhibition that I helped organize, but all I could think about was those wonderful memories with my mom.  It gave me the warm fuzzy feeling, like when you’re sick and sitting in bed, with mom by your side helping you drink your tea.  It became even more emotional for me, when my mom came to the event and was proudly telling the world that I was HER daughter. My favorite moment was when my mom described one of the artworks as “cute.” Mind you, this artwork was an lcd screen and had the effect of blood dripping down.  The woman next to mom looked at her and asked, “cute?”  My mom turned to her and said, “did I stutter?”  This was a classic mom quote and I had to share it with the artist, who absolutely loved my mom. 

BF decided to take some pictures of me interacting with the art, but I thought I would let you appreciate this picture. 
{ BB Dakota crochet shorts, Free People blouse, Alice & Olivia blazer,
 Forever 21 booties, Marc Jacobs clutch, Vintage ring }

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