How to Peony Bouquet

Today was my sister’s graduation. Instead of getting her a generic florist designed bouquet, I decided to put together my own bouquet of peonies.  My sister loves peonies (who doesn’t love this gorgeous blossom?) so this is was a perfectly unique and handmade surprise for her. 

All you need are flower clippers, string, 5 yards of ribbon, and 10 stems of peonies (two colors is best). 


1. Start by conditioning the flowers: re-cut  stems, place in a bucket of cold water overnight.

2. Remove most of the leaves. Keep the leaves that are towards the top of the stem, near the flower.

3.Take a few peonies and place in your hand.

4. As you add groups of flowers (about 3 stems each), turn the bouquet to the left.

5. You will start to see the stems spiral.

6. When the bouquet looks good to you, tie secure with string.

7. Tie several of the ribbons over the string.

8. Surprise a friend or loved one with this beautiful bouquet!
{ Delightfully Engaged by Chelsea }

Delish: Delightful Desserts

Anyone who has met me knows how much I love food, especially dessert. What I love about food is the presentation – the more beautiful the food, the more I savor the experience. I was thinking of several dessert ideas this weekend when I came across these delightful beauties.  I think I’m going to try the Bright Meyer Lemon Bars first, then move down the list. 

Style Fix: Perfect Picnic

Picnic season is upon us and I couldn’t be more excited.  I used my picnic basket on a weekly basis last summer. Whether I was lazing away on Sunday afternoon at the beach, enjoying a summer concert at the Hollywood Bowl, or wine tasting at Barnsdall Park, my picnic basket was my forever sidekick. Here are my recommendations for a picture perfect picnic, no matter where you end up.

1. Aeropostale Chambray Shirt $48
2. Straw Bag
3. Madewell Silk Canyon Skirt $158
4. Picnic Basket $44
5. Lomography Diana Dreamer Camera $60
6. Kelsi Dagger Monroe Flats $90

Dérives: Love and the City of Roses

I spent this weekend thinking about the past year. It’s no surprise that BF and I ended up in Pasadena, the rose city.  We went back to the places we visited on our first date – it is definitely different the second time around, especially now that I know it was a first date and not just two friends hanging out.    We stumbled across a space for contagious creativity, Zinnia.  It is a creator’s paradise – you can find any type of crafty thing you thing, plus they have classes. I scored beautiful handmade earrings, which you will see very soon.  We made a quick stop at the Norton Simon Museum, and then lazed away at the Colorado Wine Company for some drinks.
Even though we jumped around everywhere, we both kept pausing and thinking back at the past year.  It’s really nice to stop and let amazing amounts of love just surge through you.  In just one glance, touch, or smile all of the perfect and imperfect moments over the year just came back to me and it felt amazing.  Mom used to tell me to stop and smell the roses – Mom, I don’t need to be reminded!  I just spent a fabulous day of love in the city of roses (and next door in Eagle Rock). 


APC, French Chic, MAC lipstick, Miu Miu, Paris Chic, Style Fix

Style Fix: French Chic? Oui!

This week’s style fix is inspired by my fabulous friend, Anahide, who has redefined French chic for me.  Anahide was born and raised in Lyon, France and about 6 years ago decided to make Los Angeles her new home. I love every outing with Anahide since it always revolves around a French theme, but I love her effortlessly chic outfits that inspire me even more.  I get the pleasure of spending next weekend with Anahide and her two lovely children (one of whom is my Godson!). Not only will I spend the next week practicing my French so they stop laughing at my silly accent, but I’ll also bring my American Chic (a la France) fashion to our lunch date!

1. APC Silk Blend Top 
2. Vintage Silk Scarf 
3. Chanel Handbag in All American Blue
4. Gorjana Flutter Ring
5. MAC Lipstick in Naked Paris
6. Free People Super Stretch Skinny Jeans
7. Miu Miu Bow & Crystal Flats
8. Vintage Full Skirt
9. Chanel Polish in Jade