Dérives: Love and the City of Roses

I spent this weekend thinking about the past year. It’s no surprise that BF and I ended up in Pasadena, the rose city.  We went back to the places we visited on our first date – it is definitely different the second time around, especially now that I know it was a first date and not just two friends hanging out.    We stumbled across a space for contagious creativity, Zinnia.  It is a creator’s paradise – you can find any type of crafty thing you thing, plus they have classes. I scored beautiful handmade earrings, which you will see very soon.  We made a quick stop at the Norton Simon Museum, and then lazed away at the Colorado Wine Company for some drinks.
Even though we jumped around everywhere, we both kept pausing and thinking back at the past year.  It’s really nice to stop and let amazing amounts of love just surge through you.  In just one glance, touch, or smile all of the perfect and imperfect moments over the year just came back to me and it felt amazing.  Mom used to tell me to stop and smell the roses – Mom, I don’t need to be reminded!  I just spent a fabulous day of love in the city of roses (and next door in Eagle Rock). 



2 thoughts on “Dérives: Love and the City of Roses

  1. Annette, if you loved Zinnia, you must stop by Xiem Clay Center to be inspired by the region's best ceramic artists. There, you will find beautiful handmade dinnerware, decor, and gifts, and the artists that make them. Maybe you an Alan could take a class together and create a memory that will literally last a lifetime.1563 N. Lake Ave., Pasadena

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