How to Peony Bouquet

Today was my sister’s graduation. Instead of getting her a generic florist designed bouquet, I decided to put together my own bouquet of peonies.  My sister loves peonies (who doesn’t love this gorgeous blossom?) so this is was a perfectly unique and handmade surprise for her. 

All you need are flower clippers, string, 5 yards of ribbon, and 10 stems of peonies (two colors is best). 


1. Start by conditioning the flowers: re-cut  stems, place in a bucket of cold water overnight.

2. Remove most of the leaves. Keep the leaves that are towards the top of the stem, near the flower.

3.Take a few peonies and place in your hand.

4. As you add groups of flowers (about 3 stems each), turn the bouquet to the left.

5. You will start to see the stems spiral.

6. When the bouquet looks good to you, tie secure with string.

7. Tie several of the ribbons over the string.

8. Surprise a friend or loved one with this beautiful bouquet!
{ Delightfully Engaged by Chelsea }

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