Style Fix: Lucite Love

I love the idea of lucite as an accessory during the summer, whether as an accent piece in the home or to my wardrobe.  Fortunately, lucite accessories have come a long way from the tacky plastic bangles of the 90’s, and now come in a beautiful and classic variety.  These are my picks that can be used through the fall and into winter.  I also love the ballroom chair in lucite that is timeless but adds just enough flair to any decor.

3. BCBG Faceted Ring
4. Prada Grey Satin and Platform Lucite Sandals
6. Vintage Sunglasses, $10


Derives: Peonies, Street Art & Mojitos

{ Good morning beautiful peonies }

This weekend was one of those crazy, yet surprisingly relaxing weekends.  On Saturday, I juggled three parties and was pooped into the wee morning hours.  So I spent what seemed like hours in bed adoring the beautiful pink peonies on my dresser on Sunday morning.  Sometime in the early afternoon, I finally got up and spent the day exploring with BF.  We went out to MOCA to see the fabulous street art at the Art in the Streets exhibition. It’s a definite must see for everyone – I promise you will appreciate and respect street artists and their work after visiting the exhibition.  After MOCA, BF took me to one of his favorite haunts in Los Angeles, Figueroa Hotel, and we enjoyed some mojitos at the poolside bar.  This was definitely the way to end the weekend.  Lazing around town on Sunday was the perfect balance to my party filled Saturday.  

{ Art in the Streets at MOCA }

{ Sunshine. Mojitos. Pool Bar. Splendid end to the weekend. }