Desperately Seeking Tranquility

This must have been one of the most stressful and frustrating weeks in a very long time for me. What really irks me is that the stress and frustration at work has infiltrated into my personal life, eliminating any chances of creative moments.  I hate talking work, but the State is in shambles and funding for all of my work projects is frozen. This means no events with the LA Times, no marketing, no public art programs – nada!  As such, I am counting down the minutes to next Friday when I can escape to the Midwest (that will be an adventure in itself). I think the only thing the Midwest and I have in common is BF, but I am looking forward to relaxing lakeside at Pokagon State Park, Indiana before we head to Chicago.  This is definitely the tranquility I need given the lack of luster at work. 

I will be checking out some interesting sites in Indiana (flea market at an Amish town!) so be sure to check back here and my travel blog, the epicurean traveler, for updates. 

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I am so excited to be traveling to Chicago over Labor Day weekend.  The BF and I will spend the week leading up to Windy City in Michigan and Indiana – lakeside. I’ve never experienced a Midwestern summer. I think the Midwest should probably be a little worried – I’m definitely a product of La La Land! So do you have any recommendations for places to shop, eat, and visit in Chicago? I haven’t been in over 10 years, so I’m sure there are plenty of new things.

Where will you be Labor Day weekend?

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LACMA in Pleats and Stripes

{ Madewell top, vintage skirt, Chloe heels, Rebecca Minkoff bag, J Crew and Alex & Ani bracelets, hair c/o Ivan at Blo Hair }

We finally got around to seeing the  Tim Burton exhibit at LACMA (yay for our membership). Even if you’re not a fan of Tim Burton, it is a fascinating exhibit to visit because you get to experience the formation and creation of his artistic identity. I left the exhibit feeling a bit uncreative after seeing Tim’s works (in elementary school!), but I got over it. Before heading to LACMA I needed my food fix.  We stopped by one of our favorite haunts in Eagle Rock, Auntie Em’s, for some delish food – the red velvet cupcakes are to die for. Unfortunately, I devoured my cupcake before I took a picture of it so you will have to trust me and visit Auntie Em’s Kitchen. 😉


{Auntie Em’s Marketplace of kitchen spices and goodies }


{ Perfect Mobay Cheese Sandwich }

Delish: Agua Fresca

Let me start off my saying that I’m not a big fan of cantaloupe, but after trying the cantaloupe agua fresca at Cheeky’s in Palm Springs, I was hooked. I followed this simple recipe and made myself a delicious and refreshing agua fresca.  I even skipped dessert since the cantaloupe was the perfect sweet finale to dinner.  

Hammock Time

{ Chucks and Loubs = perfect pair }

As if the heat wasn’t terrible enough this past weekend, the humidity made it almost unbearable to spend any time outside.  That’s when the double hammock comes in to save the day!  It is the adult answer to nap time back in pre-school.  Thankfully, no one thinks its weird that we nap on the hammock as part of our daily ritual.  It is perfectly situated under shady trees and on top of the terrace surrounded by lush landscaping.  And this is why I love hammock time.
{Perfect views of Silverlake Reservoir }
{ Delicious and fruity glass of Rose` made for Summer afternoons }
 { No caption needed, right? }