How to Wear a Yellow Blazer #4 – Team Player

Blazer: Zara, similar herehere, and here
Shirt: J. Crew, similar here
Skirt: J. Crew (on sale!), similar here
Belt: Anthropologie, similar here and here

Who says you need to wear a jersey to show team spirit? I don’t think so, hence my outfit called the Team Player! Living in Los Angeles one becomes a Lakers fan whether or not she likes it; whether it is to participate in the office bracket pool, spend meaningful time with the boyfriend, or take out Mom for a much needed outing. I’ve been sucked in thanks to the guys at work and my Mom (yes, my Mom). And so, I show my team spirit at work on days when I really think the Lakers need a helping hand (though it didn’t seem to help garner a win last night).  And so rather than leave a perpetually depressed packed pub in a jersey, I ventured out for some pick-me-up martinis with girlfriends in my bright hues!


5 thoughts on “How to Wear a Yellow Blazer #4 – Team Player

  1. Love the color pairing…awesome team spirit! =) Yea, too bad they got eliminated. I'm from SF but my husband is a die-hard LA team fan…and he was definitely disappointed last night. =( xo,nancy

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