American Woman

As a child the 4th meant dressing up in my newest get-up complete with glitter stars & stripes and ribbons in my hair. This is one style choice that I have not carried with me through the years (thankfully), but I still love to dress the part, whether it’s to watch fireworks, picnic in the park, or BBQ with friends.  Here are a few grown-up versions, sans sparkly flags, that are equal parts all-American cool and ladylike chic.   

1. House of Harlow Sunglasses, $140
2. Valentino Ruffle Clutch, $250
3. River Island Blouse, $40
4. A Wear Skinny Jeans, $50
5. Kelsi Dagger Flats, $35
6. Asos Sunglasses, $20
7. Vintage Coach Satchel, $400
8. Marc by Marc Jacobs Scarf, $150
9. Madewell Sandals, $140
10. Dorothy Perkins Dress, $59
11. Topshop Bralet, $50
12. Volcom Bag, $52
13. Steve Madden Wedge, $129
14. Acne Shorts, $78

PS. I’ll be visiting D.C. and Virginia for the next couple of weeks and will be posting pictures of my travels on my other blog, the epicurean traveler, plus outfit posts here!


6 thoughts on “American Woman

  1. ahhh…I love the "Not So Blue" outfit. The dress is darling and I love the pattern mix with the sunnies. And yes, we should totally meet up when I'm in LA again! That would be sooo lovely! =Dxo,nancy

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