I recently picked up this studded tweed jacket from the Zara sale – yeah! I’m usually not a fan of tweed jackets as it evokes a mature, Sunday brunching, Chanel wearing, purple hat club lady vibe for me.  Okay, maybe I’m over criticizing the tweed jacket, but I love wardrobe staples that change up a wardrobe staple. Case in point, the studs on this tweed jacket give it a fun vibe that is not expected.   What do you think about tweed jackets? Am I being extra harsh or do you agree?


9 thoughts on “Tweedy

  1. love the top and jacket. is it boucle ? that's supposed to be a big trend for 2013. check out my post today on winter white :-)www.not-going-out-like-that.com

  2. Perfect look from head to toe, you rock this outfit! This jacket is beautiful!!! The combination of color pallet, prints and texture is amazing!Elenahttp://dcinstyle.com/blog/

  3. I really love tweed jackets and never really think of them as old unless the person styling it makes it look old. I think it depends on the cut as well. This jacket is perfect and looks far from making you look like a Sunday brunch-er! 🙂 I love the soft colors and the studs are cool! <3toni

  4. Gorgeous look! I love it! I'm a huge fan of peplum and it looks perfect paired with that tweed jacket (can't believe you got it on sale)! Amazing jeans too!

  5. mmm lovee your tweed jacket!This has given me inspiration for my outfit with a peplum top + tweed jacket. Thanks,xoxo,www.lecrystall.blogspot.com

  6. You seriously could not look MORE chic! I adore the flared pants, crisp peplum, and gorgeous tweed. It's got a great vintage feel and is so ladylike!<3 Cambriajupefashion.blogspot.com

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