Vintage Find Friday – Statement Belt

vintage couture
I have been asked by many readers on what item they should splurge if they are strapped for cash, but want a unique vintage item.  My answer: a statement belt! You all know that I add a belt to almost every outfit I wear as it changes the entire look for the better. A vintage belt is a great investment piece since you can mix and match a belt with so many outfits, and it is generally a more affordable vintage couture item.  Start with a belt and then build your vintage wardrobe around the pieces you will wear for the long-term.  I’ve included some of my favorite vintage designer belts to help you get started!

1. Vintage Hermes Belt {$780} – The simple gold buckle is perfect for work, yet the red leather adds that extra pop for you fashionistas! 
2. Vintage Yves Saint Laurent Belt – This tassel belt is party, fun, flirty and is the perfect addition to a full romper, maxi dress, or sleek suit – think Rachel Zoe!
3. Vintage Chanel Medallion Gold Belt {$399} – This chain belt is one of the most classic Chanel pieces you could invest in. Plus, the belt doubles as a necklace!
4. Vintage Gucci Belt {$80} – This is the wardrobe staple piece. It’s simple, chic, and timeless. 

Please note that Malleries guarantees authenticity on all items, but please check other websites for this guarantee before purchasing!


3 thoughts on “Vintage Find Friday – Statement Belt

  1. I wish I could remember to wear belts more often. I have quite a few of them, but I never wear them. 😦 I do love that Chanel belt and even better that it can be a necklace! I do have a vintage Escada belt that is red and has gold nautical pieces on it. It's really cool, but too small for me. Oh well! Hope you have a great weekend! <3toni

  2. I love the Hermes one! I might have to have a search at my local vintage shop for something similar (and a little more within my price range!) Lovely post

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