That 70s Girl

Can you tell that I’ve tried something new with my ‘do? For the first time in years, I have parted my hair from the middle (gasp! and it is still a bit off-centered).  The bell bottom pants, orange lipstick, and patchwork bag were asking for Farah Fawcett waves.  At first, I thought I looked so different so I kept fussing in the mirror trying to get my hair perfect (partly because my hair is not used to parting in the middle). By the end of the day, I was totally digging this new look, which I will try more often. I’m generally bored with my hair since I don’t color it, nor do I change up the cut so wearing it differently is definitely something that will keep my locks looking fresh. What do you think – do you like this hair ‘do or what?

Gap Essential V Neck Tee | H&M Conscious Collection Blazer | Alice + Olivia Bell Bottoms (fun version here) | Prada Leopard Heels | Diane von Furstenberg Harper Bag | Vintage Tassel Necklace | Gold Casio Watch | Revlon Orange Flip Lipstick


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