Since we had another beautiful weekend in LA again, the BF and I took the opportunity to check out one of the new parklets in Highland Park. Parklets are small urban parks, usually created by replacing under-utilized parking spots with a patio, planters, trees, benches and cafe tables.  I love that parklets create a public place for citizens to relax and enjoy the atmosphere of the city around them – BF and I enjoyed some delicious scoops ice cream after checking out some of the new interior design shops in the neighborhood. 

Forever 21 Denim Jacket | Stylemint Dress | Rage & Bone Harrow Bootie | Marc Jacobs Chevron Bag | Prada Sunnies | H&M Necklace (old) | Gorjana + Griffin Rings + Bracelets 


3 thoughts on “HPK

  1. Ooo..you have the real Prada sunglasses! I have the fakies. 😛 I'm glad that you can still find a beautiful place to relax in urban cities. I've never lived in a huge city before, but when I've visited San Francisco, I really enjoy just the small little spaces of nature where you can just sit and think if you want. Love the color of your dress! <3toni

  2. I have never seen a parklet in LA. I guess I live in an area that has NO under utilized anything. I live in crammed, traffic central. love the outfit too.- juliewwww.not-going-out-like-that.com

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