Pink Leopard

I had the pleasure of working with Beth again and my friend Jenny recently.  Beth and I met last year through blogging and have continued to stay in touch.  It is one of the things I love most about blogging – you meet fabulous people and make great friends.  Beth invited us for a delicious lunch date,  on a rainy day if I recall (hence the volume/frizz), and then snapped these fabulous pictures.  Jenny and I got a first glimpse of the Stella & Dot spring collection and had to model some of our favorites for these pictures.  My favorite is definitely the Spring Awakening Necklace – how perfect is it!?   I loved pairing it with my bright outfit and leopard coat. It was definitely the right statement necklace to add to my statement look!

H&M Leopard Coat (similar here) | Cynthia Vincent Blouse | J. Crew Cafe Capri | YSL Heels (similar here)
Stella & Dot Jewelry: 


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