h&m skirt
One of my best friends bought me this hat over 10 years ago as we were on our way to the beach. A wool hat for the beach is not practical, of course, but I loved that my friend was thinking about keeping those UV Rays away! For those of you in Los Angeles, I’m sure you enjoyed the beautiful weather this past weekend. And those of you not in Los Angeles, please don’t hate us – we just have perfect weather year-round so come for a visit! Speaking of beautiful weather, I couldn’t get into my spring clothes fast enough for some weekend fun. New to my spring wardrobe? These super comfy and cute wedges from Zara, which are nice enough for casual Friday at the office and perfect for Sundays at the flea market. Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. XX

 J. Crew striped shirt | H&M skirt (recent) | Madewell Belt | Zara Peep Toe Wedges (comes in coral too) | Diane von Furstenberg Harper Bag
h&m skirt
h&m skirt

7 thoughts on “Springing

  1. wahh!! That skirt! I have been lusting for the yellow mustard version. I may not get a chance to grab it before it sells out! haha…oh well. I did acquire it in the ivory white so at least that's something….SO loving this.xo,nancy

  2. absolutely loving this skirt, the shade of yellow the length the texture everything! especially paired with stripes and that hat is beautiful. lovely xohttp://myotherclosetiscouture.blogspot.com

  3. Ahh!! I need to get that skirt! I saw Nancy wear the cream colored one on her blog and it is a fabulous skirt! This is a perfect spring/summery outfit and you look gorgeous! Glad you had nice weather! <3toni

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