Walk This Way

I usually don’t wear skirts and dresses that are both fitted and mini; I usually opt for shorter and flowy or fitted above the knee.  My friend Jenny bought me this pretty little number for my birthday and I really loved it, but I was a bit weary.  I put it on so many times, but I would take it off thinking it’s too short and tight for me. I get flashbacks of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when she walks about town in her mini dress and gets stare downs from people – I want to avoid the feeling of looking like a streetwalker.  For the record, I know that sounds ridiculous but we all have our quirks, right? Finally, I put on the skirt this past weekend while temps were in the 90s for a celebratory dinner with Alan.  I think I asked Alan about 100 times before we left for dinner if it was too short or too tight – obviously, his answer was no (I’m not sure what man would say yes!).   I paired the outfit with strappy nude heels to make my legs look longer, since I was feeling adventurous and thought “why not!?”  This was a good test because I did feel like a pretty woman all night, plus I think I look good in a mini.    

Madewell Shirt | Club Monaco Skirt | ShoeDazzle Brooklyn Heel c/0 | H&M Clutch | Anthropologie Necklace | Vintage Bracelets


5 thoughts on “Walk This Way

  1. Girl, I think you could rock anything! I always get weary when things are too tight and short, but sometimes you just have to rock it! I think the lighter pastel colors keep it from going into "slutty" territory. It's perfect on you! And I'm so excited for your new house. I hope you'll show us pictures of it soon. 🙂 And I have heard of Portlandia! I will have to watch it and see how it compares. 🙂 <3toni

  2. Honey you're rocking that skirt like it's nobody's business! It looks GORGEOUS on you! You have the perfect body to wear anything! I'm in love with that skirt! Chic and classy look overall! Jenny is an awesome gift giver:)!

  3. I love how this outfit looks on you! You can definitely rock that skirt, especially with your fantastic legs :). Plus coral is a really pretty color against your dark hair and olive skin. So happy I got to see you in this!

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