Wedding Inspiration

[Oviatt Building – Downtown Los Angeles]
[Temperely London Gown | Ombre Escort Cards]
[Vintage Lace Back]
[Gold Cake | Glam Makeup and Hair]
[Outdoor Glam]

In planning our big day, BF and I would like to combine our favorite elements, which brings us to equal parts modern and art deco.  I have been collecting some wedding inspiration on my Pinterest account until we begin making some final decisions.  I hope you are all having a fabulous and inspirational day.  

Pinspiration: Details. Details.

I have always been a sucker for all the details, whether it’s a friend telling me a story or the intricate and delicate touches in artwork. My fascination for details extends to every part of my life (much to the chagrin of my friends & family), including my love for fashion. I have been collecting beautiful images of gowns on my Pinterest for some time now, just so I can look at the pictures and appreciate the details, because, of course, it’s all in the details.  
Do you agree? Is it all in the details?

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{no need to pick between chic and edgy – a girl can have it all!}
{this look is all LA- beachy waves, sun kissed cheeks, and casual pop of color}
{effortless Parisian chic}
{Cutesy as can be}
{Curls worthy of Carrie – enough said}
{Backless. Silk. Updo. Berry Lips. Utterly Sexy}

Here are some things that are inspiring me on this gloomy SoCal day. These are images I’ve been collecting on my Pinterest (to which I am addicted!!!) What’s inspiring you today?

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