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Style Fix: French Chic? Oui!

This week’s style fix is inspired by my fabulous friend, Anahide, who has redefined French chic for me.  Anahide was born and raised in Lyon, France and about 6 years ago decided to make Los Angeles her new home. I love every outing with Anahide since it always revolves around a French theme, but I love her effortlessly chic outfits that inspire me even more.  I get the pleasure of spending next weekend with Anahide and her two lovely children (one of whom is my Godson!). Not only will I spend the next week practicing my French so they stop laughing at my silly accent, but I’ll also bring my American Chic (a la France) fashion to our lunch date!

1. APC Silk Blend Top 
2. Vintage Silk Scarf 
3. Chanel Handbag in All American Blue
4. Gorjana Flutter Ring
5. MAC Lipstick in Naked Paris
6. Free People Super Stretch Skinny Jeans
7. Miu Miu Bow & Crystal Flats
8. Vintage Full Skirt
9. Chanel Polish in Jade