This Moment

This Moment

On Sunday morning, I woke up to the sweet smell of flowers. When I opened my eyes, I realized our bedroom was filled with bouquets of flowers and there was a simple and sweet note card waiting for me on the dresser.  After reading the note, BF was right there on one knee with ring box in hand.  It was the most intimate, thoughtful, and special moment in my life and I am so thankful for it – I can’t wait to begin the next chapter of my life with BF.  I won’t be turning this into a wedding blog, but I will share some inspiration with you along the way.  My readers mean the world to me and I am so happy to share this special moment with you. 
xo Annette

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This Moment: A Wedding

{ Persian Wedding Ceremony Spread }
On Saturday, I was lucky enough to share in the joy of my dear friend Kamron marry his beautiful fiance Faaraz.  The couple had a beautiful Persian wedding, complete with the “Sofreh-ye Aghd” which is the traditional Persian Wedding Ceremony Spread.  As soon as I saw the beautiful Sofreh I knew the whole experience made up This Moment for me.  The Sofreh is adorned with colors, fragrances, objects, and blessings.  These blessings, each with a purpose, bring forth grace, hope, promise, light, and love for the bride and groom.  

Throughout the evening I thought about the love Kamron and Faaraz share for each other and it made me think of one of my favorite quotes by Dr. Seus:

“you know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because 
reality is finally better than your dreams.”  

As Kamron and Faaraz exchanged wedding vows, without any hesitation, I thought to myself that their reality is much better than the dreams we have of love. 

Kamron and I have been good friends for over a decade, but we’ve always acted more like siblings (he has always assumed the role of the older and annoying brother).  This brother/sister friendship had not proven so true as it did on Saturday.  As soon as I saw Kamron I was overcome with emotion – raw emotion. I couldn’t help but feel the happiness, hope, and love my friend was feeling.  It was that moment that I knew exactly what Kamron felt the moment he asked Faaraz for her hand in marriage and in the months leading up to the wedding day.  It was a good feeling to know that my dear friend was actually living his dream, the best reality anyone can experience.  

{ Wedding Altar  – representing the graces of this beautiful life}
{ The way to happiness that exists in reality }
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Tid Bits

{ Wall Decal that reminds me of my favorite City – Graphique de France }
This week has been one of the most frustrating weeks I can remember, but I did find solace in a few things that just made me stop… yes, just stop and not freak out, get angry or upset, or let my mind run a million miles a second thinking of every possibility, problem, or solution.  This moment I am loving three things that helped me find my chi in the midst of the frustration and craziness, to sit back and enjoy the week.
{ Strawberry Shortcake Trifle I made for Easter Dinner. Delish. }
{ Late afternoon stroll around SilverLake Reservoir to clear my mind. }

This Moment

This Moment: GATE

On Friday night, I’m going to the GATE project Opening Reception. One of the artists creates an installation out of objects given to her in exchange for drawings. I love interactive exhibitions, and will participate, of course. I had to think long and hard about my object because I have to give it up in exchange for the hard drawing, and in order for the installation to be successful, it should be an object that is of value to me.

One of my favorite places is Paris. Yes, Paris does have a certain je ne sais quoi for most of us, but it is a place that means that much more to me. I visited Paris in the summer of 2009 with my best friend Meri. It was a trip that helped us redefine ourselves as women, friends, sisters, daughters, and professionals. We both experienced everyday epiphanies in the “City of Light” and came home even better versions of ourselves.  It is a trip that we will both cherish throughout our lives.   In the summer of 2010, I received a figurine of the Eiffel Tower from BF.  He knows how much I appreciate the time I spent in Paris and gave me the figurine so I would remember it always.  It was the first gift he bought me and one of my favorites.

After learning about the installation, I could think of only one object that means so much to me, that I am willing to reincarnate – my Paris figurine.  It represents a new life that is about  evolving.  I’ve been redefining myself for 2 years, exploring and experiencing.  I think it would only be fair, if my figurine did the same – redefine itself as an artwork in progress.
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This Moment

These are a few of my favorite things at this moment. I love early spring. This year spring could not come soon enough. I’m not sure if it was because our gloomy and rainy winter dragged out too long, or if I was ready to start wearing my spring brights, but I am so happy that spring is here.  This moment, all of these things make me happy and exude the refreshing attitude of spring. 

{ Chanel Polish in Orange Fizz }
{ Diane Von Furstenberg Harper Bag }
{ Gorjana Stackable Rings in Rose Gold }
{ Lilacs }
{ H&M Nude Blazer }