Vintage Find Friday: Lamps

A vintage pair of lamps can dramatically change your decor for the better, whether at home or at the office.  Vintage lamps also mesh well with most styles of decor from traditional to modern – yes, even better than that great find at Ikea.  You can find beautiful and immaculate vintage lamps at most vintage stores, but you can score some beauties in thrift stores and on eBay that will require some TLC as long as you are persistent in your search.  I’ve included some picks that only require your credit card in hand and some pretty lampshades.  However, you should definitely look into your local thrift store for some finds (I will be posting a DIY on how to refurbish discolored brass and some other enhancement tricks from taking your vintage to glam – stay tuned).  Here are three styles that are guaranteed to take your space from drab to fab.   

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6
For those of you who entered the Lulu*s Giveaway, I have announced the winner on the blog post! See you if you are the lucky winner!


The Cocktail Ring

vintage dior

Every fab hostess needs a matching fab cocktail ring to complete her look.  A vintage cocktail ring is that much more important to have.  Not only for the unique quality, but vintage pieces always  have an authentic ornate design that cannot be duplicated by modern designs.  Plus, they tend to run a tad cheaper than on-trend cocktail rings.  Unique and cheaper? Yes and Yes! My love for cocktail rings came from my Mother and Grandmother who had a gorgeous collection until my sister and I went through them.  I loved that each ring has a history behind it – my Mom remembers exactly when she bought the ring, which vintage store she found it, and all of the fund stories that were told to her when she bought the rings from the reseller. I love a good story, especially when shopping! Here are some options to help you get started on your hunt for the perfect cocktail ring:

Work Your Vintage

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the things I love most about blogging is meeting new friends through my blog – one of those fabulous ladies is Elizabeth of A Keene Sense of Style.  Elizabeth is a vintage lover like myself, and her looks are always so sophisticated and chic – I’m addicted! We both wanted to share how easy it is to incorporate vintage statement pieces into your closet and how to style them in a variety of ways to maximize your investment and the versatility of the piece. Vintage can be worked into any style too, like Elizabeth’s lady-like chic to my Parisian-boho chic.  We both modeled our vintage pieces for a glam look, then dressed down for the work day and lunch date. 

vintage yves saint laurent skirt
vintage yves saint laurent
I styled my vintage YSL taffeta skirt with a sequined bustier and fun heels, while Elizabeth chose to keep her look simple with a vintage tulle dress and crystal heels.  Vintage pieces are so easy to glam up, the key is to keep the look simple and the focus on the state piece.    

I threw on a striped tee, three-quarter sleeve blazer, and simple pumps for work, while Elizabeth dressed down her dress with a chambray shirt, belt, and classic pumps.  You might be thinking, taffeta skirt and tulle skirt to work and lunch? Yes! Elizabeth and I have both tested these outfits and they do work for our workplace and they are the perfect outfits for a ladies lunch or happy hour.  Think of us as your workplace outfit testers! 

Elizabeth and I had so much fun working on this post – we hung out for awhile chatting while the BF enjoyed the scenery.  While working on this post, Elizabeth and I quickly realized that we need to work on many more posts – soon.  Leave me a comment letting us know if you want us to focus on vintage shopping tips, vintage styling, or anything else.  

What I’m wearing:
Outfit 1: Vintage YSL Skirt | Forever 21 Sequined Bustier | Hale Bob Heels | Betsey Johnson Clutch | Kenneth Jay Lane Necklace | Dior Ring
Outfit 2: Vintage YSL Skirt | Stylemint Tee | Trina Turk Blazer | Louboutin Heels | Marc Jacobs Bag

Vintage Find Friday – Statement Belt

vintage couture
I have been asked by many readers on what item they should splurge if they are strapped for cash, but want a unique vintage item.  My answer: a statement belt! You all know that I add a belt to almost every outfit I wear as it changes the entire look for the better. A vintage belt is a great investment piece since you can mix and match a belt with so many outfits, and it is generally a more affordable vintage couture item.  Start with a belt and then build your vintage wardrobe around the pieces you will wear for the long-term.  I’ve included some of my favorite vintage designer belts to help you get started!

1. Vintage Hermes Belt {$780} – The simple gold buckle is perfect for work, yet the red leather adds that extra pop for you fashionistas! 
2. Vintage Yves Saint Laurent Belt – This tassel belt is party, fun, flirty and is the perfect addition to a full romper, maxi dress, or sleek suit – think Rachel Zoe!
3. Vintage Chanel Medallion Gold Belt {$399} – This chain belt is one of the most classic Chanel pieces you could invest in. Plus, the belt doubles as a necklace!
4. Vintage Gucci Belt {$80} – This is the wardrobe staple piece. It’s simple, chic, and timeless. 

Please note that Malleries guarantees authenticity on all items, but please check other websites for this guarantee before purchasing!


Vintage Shopping

{Shopping for blouses at JetRag}
{Still searching for that perfect blouse}
{Vintage luggage at JetRag}
{Moving on to dresses at JetRag}
{70s mini dress that I took home with me + boys beware at Shareen}
{50s bridal gown Shareen had me try on – I think she sensed an engagement on the way!}

After Beth and I met we knew instantly that we wanted to do a second collaboration centered around vintage shopping.  A few weeks ago, I went shopping for vintage at a couple of my favorite spots (Jet Rag and Shareen Vintage) with my friend Jenny. Beth came along, but she stricly stayed behind the camera, and let Jenny and I do our thing when shopping.  I love shopping with Jenny since it turns into an adventure to find the most fabulous and unique pieces, but it also gives us a chance to bond – what’s not to love about that? Jenny and I are “sole mates” (get it?) when it comes to shopping, amongst many other things, so we can shop and hang out all day without driving each other nuts.  

I love shopping at vintage stores for a few reasons.  As a petite woman, modern sizing runs big and always requires some sort of alteration.  Vintage clothing, on the other hand, fits my petite frame perfectly and rarely requires alterations.  A vintage size 6 or 8, fits a modern day 00! Also, the quality of materials and craftsmanship of vintage clothing is second to none, at a much lower cost.  My mom has kept many of her on-trend pieces from the 70s and still wears them to this day! Finally, as much as I love new trends, I hate to run into another woman is wearing my same outfit.  Sure, it’s a pat on the back that I have great taste, but it makes me feel like my individuality has been lost in the trend.  Vintage pieces are unique and generally on-trend, so I get to enjoy the current trend but with my own distinctive pieces that no one else is sure to have.  

Vintage and thrift shopping can be exhausting since you have to go through many racks and sometimes boxes of items to find that one jewel piece.  Ever since I started shopping at thrift stores when I was in high school, I developed a list of items to purchase and not to purchase second hand, which keeps me focused.  This list comes in handy at even the smallest of stores that are well-curated.  

Items to buy second-hand:
– Tops: silk blend shirts/blouses and wool blend sweaters are your best bet
– Dresses: whatever style you like and if the material does not bother you, then buy it
– Skirts: wool blend pencil skirts and leather skirts (you can find fabulous leather skirts in a variety of styles for generally around $20-$50)
– Blazers: herringbone and wool blend are your best bet
– Belt: much like dresses, buy what fits you
– Jewelry: looks for pieces that fit your personality and hope it is steal (my vintage Whiting & Davis snake coil bracelet was purchased at Salvation Army for $8 – these generally run $200 on eBay)
– Handbags: clutches and saddle bags are your best bet. Do not spend more than $20 on any bag at your local vintage store, unless the store can verify its authenticity.  For example, there are many fake Chanel bags that are given that vintage look that are sold at privately owned thrift stores for hundreds of dollars, without the shop owner knowing it is fake or not.

Avoid purchasing the following items:
– Shoes: unless it is a fabulous pair of Louboutins that are barely worn,  buying worn shoes can cause extensive back and foot pain – not worth it
– Make-up & perfume: I can’t believe that so many women do buy these items used – I think it’s a major no.
– Hats: when was the last time you deep cleaned your hat? exactly, avoid. 

After a full day spent shopping, I did walk away with some beauties – 6 to be exact and the total was less than $300.  I picked up a patterned silk blouse, black leather pencil skirt, red peplum dress, 70s mini dress (above), silk floral dress, and a black lace gown with the most beautiful neckline.  Stay tuned for pictures of all these items.  Also, since Beth didn’t get to have fund shopping, I’m going to drag her back to all these spots so we can shop for her.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I’ll be adding a vintage shopping resource page on my blog very soon to help you in your shopping adventures!

xo Annette