Set the Table

With Easter coming up this Sunday, I’ve been looking at some ideas for setting the table, whether it be brunch or dinner. I like to give every party a fun flair with colors, patterns, and textures and these are just some of my favorite table settings.  For more inspiration, visit my Pinterest board dedicated to hostessing! 

Shop some fun table top options:

A Luxe Circus

I had the pleasure of hosting my sister’s baby shower at her home. I am going to be an auntie for the first time – my niece arrives in January (right in time for my birthday!)  We chose a theme that is fun, yet luxurious and just the right amount of girliness.  

To keep the look simple, we stuck with fuchsia, tangerine, and gold color accents.  For the centerpieces, I bought a variety of flowers from the farmer’s market in pink and orange hues.  I added bowls of cheese balls as a snack and another pop of color.   I bought plastic animals in a variety of sizes and spray painted them gold to decorate the tables and add on to the favors.    

We had a candy bar filled with gumballs, rock candy, mini cupcakes, and pink chocolate dipped marshmallow pops.  For lunch, we served tea-style sandwiches, decadent salads, and other scrumptious treats.  

I wrapped mason jars with gold doilies and filled them up with gold serving ware.

My sister loves keepsakes. We printed note cards for guests to fill out with wishes for the baby.   Guests hung up the cards on twine using clothes pins we decorated with gold glitter.  Each guest provided unique and the sweetest messages and wishes for the baby. My sister can’t wait to share them with the baby. 

For the favors, we filled up clear take out boxes with animal crackers and added a mini gold animal as a simple keepsake.  

My sister was so happy with the shower. I can’t wait to show my little niece the pictures and keepsakes from the shower one day – I hope she loves it as much as her mom does. 

How to Peony Bouquet

Today was my sister’s graduation. Instead of getting her a generic florist designed bouquet, I decided to put together my own bouquet of peonies.  My sister loves peonies (who doesn’t love this gorgeous blossom?) so this is was a perfectly unique and handmade surprise for her. 

All you need are flower clippers, string, 5 yards of ribbon, and 10 stems of peonies (two colors is best). 


1. Start by conditioning the flowers: re-cut  stems, place in a bucket of cold water overnight.

2. Remove most of the leaves. Keep the leaves that are towards the top of the stem, near the flower.

3.Take a few peonies and place in your hand.

4. As you add groups of flowers (about 3 stems each), turn the bouquet to the left.

5. You will start to see the stems spiral.

6. When the bouquet looks good to you, tie secure with string.

7. Tie several of the ribbons over the string.

8. Surprise a friend or loved one with this beautiful bouquet!
{ Delightfully Engaged by Chelsea }